Liebherr SBSef 7242 Freestanding Side By Side Fridge And Freezer

Type Freestanding
Style Side by Side
Door Finish SmartSteel
Litres Gross | Net 709 | 652
Lighting LED Standard Fridge Only
Fridge Yes
BioFresh | BioFreshPlus No | No
Freezer Yes
MagicEye Control SoftTouch
SuperCool | SuperFrost Yes | Yes
kWh/yr | Star Rating Left Side 310 | 3.5 & Right Side 279 | 2.5
HxWxD (mm) 1852 x 1210 x 630
Made In Germany
P&L Warranty (Years) 3


Features SBSef 7242*
 *Comprised of two models  SGNef 3036 (LH)  SKef 4260 (RH)
 Type I Finish  Freestanding I
 SmartSteelº (LH),
 Metal Body,
 Aluminium Handle
 Freestanding I
 SmartSteelº (RH),
 Metal Body,
 Aluminium Handle
 Energy (kWh/yr) I Star rating  310kWh I 3.5 (LH)  279kWh I 3.0 (RH)
 Compressors  1 (LH)  1 (RH)
 Total capacity litres (L) -
 gross I net
 304 I 261 (LH)  405 I 391 (RH)
 Refrigerator gross (L) I net (L)  - (LH)  405 I 391 (RH)
 Freezer gross (L) I net (L)  304 I 261 (LH)  - (RH)
 MagicEye control system I
 SoftTouch I LCD (LH)  SoftTouch I LCD (RH)
 Child proof setting  Yes (LH)  Yes (RH)
 LED standard lighting  Yes (LH)  Yes (RH)
 SlimLine handle
 - integrated opening device
 Yes (LH)  Yes (RH)
 Door open warning signal  Yes (LH)  Yes (RH)
 Temperature alarm  Yes (LH)  Yes (RH)
 Malfunction warning signal  Yes (LH)  Yes (RH)
 Refrigerator Features
 Telescopic drawers  N/A (LH)  2 (RH)
 SuperCool  N/A (LH)  Yes (RH)
 GlassLine shelves
 - including sectionable shelf
 N/A (LH)  Yes (RH)
 Elegant holding columns  N/A (LH)  Yes (RH)
 Auto refrigerator defrosting  N/A (LH)  Yes (RH)
 Freezer Features  
 Freezer defrosting - NoFrost  Frost Free (LH)  N/A (RH)
 FrostSafe system transparent drawers  Yes (LH)  N/A (RH)
 Freezer drawers  8 (LH)  N/A (RH)
 SuperFrost  Yes (LH)  N/A (RH)
 24hr freezing capacity (kg)  20 (LH)  N/A (RH)
 Cold storage accumulators  N/A (LH)  N/A (RH)
 VarioEnergy Saving Panel  Optional Extra Accessory (LH)  N/A (RH)

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